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the fifth season

collaboration with Siem de Boer, 2020

Some of us live in the fifth season, a shifting season in transition. A state of being undefined by the past or the future. You hope for this season to be a calm one, but times being what they are, you have doubts it will be. You carry the weather with you.


This immersive installation uses transformative narrative to simulate a future within ourselves, a boundless imagination of what happens when constructs of nature overlap with our desires.


The fifth season is a piece that allows us to pause and contemplate post-anthropocentric ideas of humans, not as manipulators of climates, worlds and seasons, but rather as participating agents in a shared continuum. Relating and linking internal to external landscapes is proposed as a tool to advance our understanding of the future.

This season relays a sense of synthesis between the pre-existent and the unknown. The work pictures a storm or mist that surrounds us and diminishes over a period of time. What is the next season going to look like and how will it compare to our predictions?

This work was part of the exhibition 'Turning Torrents' at the AG in Utrecht 

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