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In my practise I work with the broad concept of memories where themes such as time, fragility and impermanence are a leading thread. By searching in my work how I can document and materialize storytelling and recalling memories, I try to seek a balance between the personal and the universal

Lobke Roenhorst, 1997

Arnhem, The Netherlands

+31 636035499


2019-2022 | Bachelor of Fine Art, HKU, NL

2016-2018 | Propedeuse Fine Art and Design in Education, HKU, NL


2024 Analoog Studio Arnhem | Arnhem (solo)

2023 Rondom het Fort | Fort Maarsseveen (group exhibition)

2023 dragen | commissioned by K.F. Hein Fonds | Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht

2022 Ecotone | Studio Total | Utrecht (group exhibition)

2022 Exposure | Pastoe Fabriek | Utrecht (group exhibition)

2022 PEEK | Pastoe Fabriek | Utrecht (group exhibition)

2020 Turning Torrents | AG | Utrecht (group exhibition)

2020 As things Turn out | Stadsblokken Arnhem (duo show)


2022 K.F.Hein Fonds kunstopdracht  'Kunst en monumenten' (commisioned)

2022 Travis Geertruida Research Prize (nomination)


Willum Geerts

Operatie Periscoop

Siza Keramiekwerkplaats

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